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FAQ: What is The ZC Redstone Server?

The ZonkedCompanion Redstone Server has a long history and was first established in 2011. It closed for some time around 2015 due to lack of funding before re-launching in April 2019.

It is the ideal place for skilled Builders, Redstoners, and Adult players who prefer more chilled out vanilla style Minecraft.

The server features both Survival and Creative play globally and across all worlds which means you have the freedom to do pretty much what ever you like where ever you like. (Providing you dont break the rules!)

Regular members are given the option to choose their gamemode, meaning you can use Creative Mode when ever you like, and if you play often enough you may also unlock some WorldEdit features!

The server uses an auto ranking system, and creative mode can be earned in minutes. Alternatively if you are in a hurry and don't want to earn a rank you can purchase one here on our website.

Hosted 24/7 in the UK with excellent reported latencies across Europe, and good latencies to many parts of the USA and Canada.
The main objective on our server is to be creative. Start your own city/town, build insane projects, invent insane redstone contraptions, its up to you. The whole idea is you can play how you like to play!

We have multiple worlds including The Redstone Flatlands where members may test and build original redstone projects in safety away from griefers with fellow redstoners to help you out.
  • Worlds are never reset* and span back to early versions of Minecraft.
  • The server features a world dedicated to redstone contraptions.
  • Grief free, but without any claims or player defined protection zones.
  • Members can change their game mode whenever and where ever they like.
  • Largely an adult player base.
  • Affordable paid ranks and perks available.

(*with the exception of resetting the nether worlds for 1.16.)

Our worlds span back to the early versions of Minecraft and nothing is ever removed/lost.

We have extensive logs going back 18 months and operate a trust based no-grief policy, which means is no need to worry about player claims or zoning.

Occasionally a bad egg will join our server and start destroyed things, but don't worry these can be repaired virtually instantly through the use of rollbacks.

If your house has been vandalised or if you find some grief you can submit a grief report here on our website. An admin will then investigate and take the necessary action.
You can connect to the server using the IP address:

1. Start Minecraft via the launcher and click on Multiplayer > Add new server.

2. Then enter:
Server Name as "ZonkedCompanion Server"
IP address: ""

3. Save, and click join server.

Note: hacked clients are not recommended and may result in being repeatedly kicked or in extreme cases may get you banned for life.

A licensed (paid) Minecraft Java account is required to join.
No. Unlike most server owners I do this for fun and for my love of the game, not for profit.

All donations and proceeds from shop sales are held in a PayPal account where it will be used to supplement a percentage of electricity bills. Any remaining balance is put back into the server in the form of spares, upgrades, and replacement parts when required.

The ZonkedCompanion Server runs within a Linux Hyper-V environment on a headless HP ProLiant DL380 G7 enterprise grade server with dual Intel Xeon 8-core X5647 processors, 64gb ECC RAM, and 8x 15K RPM hot swappable SAS drives in a RAID 10 array. Delivering extreme performance and reliability. The server features dual power supply redundancy, and both the server and WAN connections are protected by a 1.5KVA un-interruptible power supply in the event of a local power outage. So even when the lights go out or a hard disk fails, you can continue playing none the wiser!

This all costs a lot to run and maintain, so if you want to help support the server then any donations or shop purchases will be greatly valued and spent wisely.

Currently as of October 2020 the server is using 4.69kWH per day which equates to around 63p. (Roughly £4.50 per week).

A single replacement HPE 15k rpm hard drive costs around £250.

HP ProLiant DL380 G7