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Server Shop: Donate, buy ranks, perks, and more...

Welcome to the server shop!

Help support the ZonkedCompanion Server by purchasing something from our online store. We have put together some useful ranks and perks which you may buy from this website and unlock instantly in-game.

Payments are processed by PayPal via a secure connection and no personal data will be captured or stored on our servers.

All we need is your current Minecraft username.

Instant in-game delivery upon successful purchase! Quick and easy.

[Member] Rank (Creative Mode)

Fast track to the Member rank and unlock access to creative mode instantly!

Only £2.50

[Member+] Rank (WorldEdit)

Fast track to the Member+ rank and unlock access to WorldEdit instantly!

Only £8.50

Note: All of these ranks can be earned in-game by anyone, we are simply offering you the opportunity to surpass the requirements and unlock a rank instantly. If you are patient and play on the server frequently you will eventually unlock them all. Type "/progress" in-game to check your current progress towards the next rank.